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DHG (Dutch House Group) Development, a subsidiary of JVG Real Estate International Group, which operates as an international real estate development, investment and consulting company operating in Netherlands, USA, Turkey and Georgia. DHG Development was founded in 2006. The real estate development activities of the organization are based on experience, international standards and partnerships established in the local market.


Giorgi Abramishvili

Managing Director

More than 20 years experience in private sector, real estate and renewable energy development.

Under his leadership, various scale real estate

projects were implemented - Bagebi Full House,

Isani commercial spaces, Batumi shopping mall.

Mr. Giorgi Abramishvili graduated from the

University of Saarland. Furthermore, he studied

Global Energy Management at the University of


Klaas Beekhuls

Real Estate Manager in finance

More than 20 years experience in real estate sector Portfolio Manager at Vastgoed CFO , Amsterdam Real estate advisor at JVA, Amsterdam.

Mr. Klaas Beekhuis graduated from the University of Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)/ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


Archil Makaridze

Country Manager

More than 15 years experience in project Management and Finance.

Mr. Archil Makaridze is graduated from the Webster Vienna private University/ Master of Science in Finance (MS Finance) Berlin school of economics / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Partnership & Cooperation
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